The Singapore Actuarial Society is the largest actuarial professional body in Singapore with close to 1000 members.


Why Sponsor the SAS?

Showcase your company and corporate brand at SAS events

Connect with and reach our almost 1000 strong community

Year round publicity on multiple media channels

Reach emerging markets through SAS' partnerships with other actuarial communities

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Our 2019 Sponsors Report

Sponsorship of the SAS in 2019 was very impactful. The funds allowed SAS to conduct a full program of conferences, events and forums in 2019, including the flagship AAC2019. 

We enclose our 2019 Report Card in which we highlight how the sponsorship (and other) funds were employed to support and grow our industry.  We also highlight the many ways we have showcased sponsors brands - at conferences, forums, in advertising on social media, et al.  We take our promises seriously.

We now invite our wonderful sponsors from 2019 and new sponsors - all organisations that want to ensure a sound and thriving financial sector - to sponsor the SAS in 2020.  

We offer two sponsorship packages in 2020:

  • Singapore focused:  “Main SAS Sponsorship”
  • SAS education activities in emerging markets:  “International SAS Sponsorship”  


Main Sponsorship

SAS will run a full program of at least 3 conferences, 4-6 forums, workshops, career fairs in Singapore in 2020:

  • At each event SAS will present the sponsors, showcasing their brands 
  • Sponsors get the opportunity to reach out to and influence our 1,000+ members (including CEO, CFO, CMO, CPO, Partners, Senior Actuaries)
  • Sponsors get year round publicity on various media 


International Sponsorship
Our vision is to promote the actuarial profession and education in the ASEAN region. SAS has been organising actuarial training seminars in these emerging markets since 2015, which have been very well received and attended by C-suite executives and regulators.

SAS International Committee is targeting three overseas training seminars in 2020, with Myanmar and Cambodia seminars in the pipeline. 

These seminars present a great sponsorship opportunity to promote sponsors brands and presence in emerging markets.

Full details of all benefits and our obligations to sponsors are spelt out in the enclosed Main Sponsorship Prospectus and International Sponsorship Prospectus.

Please contact Hitesh Shah ( or Chua See Ju ( if you have any questions.

What do our sponsors get? 

Acknowledgement in SAS' annual report

Recognition and prominence at SAS events

Complimentary conference passes and exhibition booths


2019 Sponsors Report Card

Main Sponsorship Prospectus & Application Form

Main Sponsorship Application Form