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Richard Holloway

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Dear SAS Members,

Please refer to the following link for 2013/2014’s 2nd issue of  SAS Monthly.

Here are some of the highlights in this month’s issue:

- Tribute to Andrew Linfoot

Andrew Linfoot, past President of the SAS, is leaving Singapore and returning to the land down under, Australia.  He has been a valued contributor during his tenor as President, as well as serving on Council and on various committees. 

- General Insurance Conference

The GI Conference was held at Resorts World Sentosa on the 30th and 31st of May with  more than 15 speakers presenting at this year’s event.  The theme of the conference was “Listen and be Heard”, whereby attendees were encouraged to be more involved in various discussions on topics such as Pricing, ERM and Reinsurance.  Furthermore, the conference provided a valuable opportunity for attendees to network and meet other fellow actuaries. 

- Committee Reports

In this issue, the SAS received reports from the Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), Life, Health & EAAC committees:

o   The ERM committee just launched the 4th working party – Risk Tolerance Statement Working Party which will be led by Mehul Dave from Deloitte.  The other 3 existing ERM Working Parties will be expected to present their findings in the upcoming EAAC in October while aiming to publish some technical papers early next year.  In addition, the SAS will be supporting the Insurance Risk Research Conference to be held on the 27th of June at the Goodwood Park Hotel Singapore.  This conference is a joint collaboration between SAS and the Insurance Risk Financial Research Centre from Nanyang Business School.

o   The Life Insurance committee has made steady progress on the organization of the IFRS event on the 23rd of August.  Please look at the Life Insurance committee report for more information on both the IFRS event and other updates.

o   The Health Insurance committee is currently accepting more volunteers to help work on current projects or propose new ones.   For detailed descriptions of the current projects, please look at this issue’s Health Insurance committee report.

o   The 17th EAAC committee has provided a brief update on the upcoming conference.  This update includes the finalization of selected speakers and their respective presentation topics, registration details and sponsorships.

- Interview of the Month

Our “victim” for this issue is Gavin Maistry, Chief Actuary and Chief Risk Officer for Munich Re Life in Asia Pacific.  Please check it out!

We hope that you would enjoy this issue, and don’t forget to exercise your brain power at the Brainteasers section!

Any feedback is welcomed!

Thank you.

Richard Holloway
Vice President 2013/2014

Singapore Actuarial Society