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Richard Holloway

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Dear SAS Members,

Please refer to the following link for 2013/2014’s 3rd issue of  SAS Monthly .

Here are some of the highlights in this issue:

- SAS Quiz Night


The SAS Quiz Night was successfully conducted by Jill Hoffman and Joey Zhou on the 26th of July with an attendance of about 60 members and guests.  Download the issue and find out which are the winning teams!

- Committee Reports

In this issue, the SAS received reports from the Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), Student, Education and Retirement committees:

o The ERM committee reports on the success of the Insurance Risk Research Conference held on in June.

o The Student committee will be passing the torch to a new team led by Alfred Toh.  The outgoing SAS Student committee would like to thank SAS, all corporate representatives and students for their support throughout its term.

o The Education committee gives us a brief outlook of the remaining events for the year which includes regular forums every month with topics ranging such as P&C Reserving, Ethics and Behavioural Finance.

o The Retirement committee presents its paper titled “Employer-sponsored Retirement Schemes in Singapore: The Need for Change” which provides arguments in improving the effectiveness of existing retirement schemes.  In addition to that, the Retirement committee provides updates on the activities of the Longevity Risk task force which is currently developing a paper to be presented to MAS or other key government agencies.

- Book Review

Gavin Maistry provides us with a wonderful review on the book titled “The Signal and the Noise: Why so many predictions fail – but some don’t” by Nate Silver.  Be sure to check it out!

- Interview of the Month

Our “victim” of this issue is Scott Yen, Regional Pricing Actuary for AIG Asia Pacific (ex Japan).  Please check out his opinions on the Actuary profession and also get to know more about him!

We hope that you would enjoy this issue, and don’t forget to exercise your brain power at the Brainteasers section!

Any feedback is welcomed!


Thank you.

Richard Holloway

Vice President 2013/2014

Singapore Actuarial Society