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Richard Holloway

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Dear SAS Members,


Please refer to the following link for 2013/2014’s 6th issue of SAS Monthly.


Here are some of the highlights in this issue:


-          SAS Bowling Night

The Inaugural SAS Bowling Night was held at SuperBowl Marina Square on the 17th of January with more than 80 SAS members from various companies turning up! Check out the photos taken during the event in this month’s issue!


-          Committee Reports

In this issue, the SAS received reports from the Health Insurance, Life and General Insurance (GI) committees:


o   The Health committee talks about the formation of a SAS Response Working Party to engage directly with the Ministry of Health in regards to the government’s review of the MediShield Scheme.  The Health committee has also drafted a Preliminary Comments paper in response to the proposed amendments to the scheme.

o   The Life committee provides an update on the recent sharing session between the MAS and the Appointed/Senior Actuaries in the Life industry.   

o   The GI committee gives us a brief reminder on the upcoming SAS General Insurance Conference to be held in May 2014.




We hope that you would enjoy this issue, and don’t forget to exercise your brain power at the Brainteasers section!


Any feedback is welcomed!


Thank you.


Richard Holloway

Vice President 2013/2014

Singapore Actuarial Society