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Singapore Actuarial Society

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Health and Retirement Conference 2018


Applying Intelligence, Augmenting Insights



LEONG Siao Wearn, Chair

KOK Mun Keat (Marcus)

SHONG Kay Ying
LEE Shu Shing (Noelle)
HU Ruo Bing (Robin)
TOH Jun Lin Joseph
HUANG Bin (Kyle)

Albertus Teddy SETIADI
TANG Guang Yuan Gideon Jon
LIM Tien Yung


For Health, please contact Siao Wearn ( and for Retirement please contact Marcus (


Day 1 Presentations:

Framing Tech Trends in Healthcare & Retirement by Dr Bern SHEN

Turning silver into gold: Learning from aging societies on long-term care by Mr Vincent LEPEZ

Global approaches to retirement adequacy - the role of technology and behavioural biases by Ms Rebecca DEEGAN

AI-Driven Claims Management : Machine Learning Meets Insurance Claims by Dr TAN Geok Leng

Challenges and Opportunities Using Machine Learning in Healthcare by Mr Colin PRIEST

Text mining for claim classification and claim adjudication in critical illness - a rare case in China by Mr Antoine THIBAULT

Digital solutions to help manage diabetes and CMD by Mr Hugh TERRY

Digital solutions to help manage diabetes and CMD by Mr Abhishek SHAH

7 Steps to a Happy Retirement by Mr YEOH Cheng Huann


Day 2 Presentations:

Engaging Singaporeans on CPF Policies and Retirement Adequacy by Mr SOH Chin Heng

Tapping the Longevity Dividends of an Ageing Population by Mr Christopher GEE

Transformation of Employee Benefits & Healthcare using Technology & Data by Ms Rosaline KOO

A hybrid equity release plan for retirement financing by Prof KWONG Koon Shing

Statistical modelling of Singapore housing prices: Implications on retirement by Mr LEONG Minhao and Mr Leonardi TJOKRO

InsurTech in China - Life/Health Insurance Market by Mr CHEN Weibo

Disruption by Design by Dr Shivani SARWAL