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SAS Super Week


23rd to 27th November 2020


Day One : 23 November 2020 -


Update from MAS By LEE Wai Yi

Legal Responsibilities of Appointed Actuaries and Certifying Actuaries By Daniel JOHN  < Slides not available

Group Presentations - COVID-19 professional issues for life insurers in Singapore, for general insurers in Singapore  < Slides not available 

Group Presentations - Professional Skills Video Panel Discussion  < Slides not available 

Liability-Aware Investment Solutions for insurers By Ferret THIBAUT youtube_icon

L01/L02 Presentation and Discussion By Frank MUNRO  < Slides not available youtube_icon

Draft Response to Medishield Life (MDSL) 2020 Review By SAS MDSL 2020 Working Party youtube_icon


Day Two : 24 November 2020 -


Keynote Address By LEE Wai Yi

Keynote Address Panel By Alex KING, Nishit MAJMUDAR, KHOO Kah Siang  < Slides not available youtube_icon

How to Open Up Untapped Client Segments with Product/Service Innovation and Digital Engagement By Annette KING youtube_icon

Augmenting Underwriting and Claims with AI: Brave New Normal By Lee SARKIN  < Slides not available 

The Future of Underwriting: What Do Consumers Want?  By LEE Li Hui 

Healthcare at the Speed of Light?  By Sze-Yunn PANG youtube_icon

Diabesity By Cindy GWEE, Kirstie MOK youtube_icon

Universal Health Coverage by 2030: How can Insurers Innovate to Create Health for All? By Edward BOOTY youtube_icon

Public Health and the Actuary By LEONG Siao Wearn


Day Three : 25 November 2020 -


Measuring Climate Change with the Actuaries Climate Indices: the ACI & ACRI - Past, Present and Future By Stephen L. KOLK youtube_icon

Grey Swans and Black Elephants: Why We Keep Getting Surprised and What We Can Learn from Them By Rade MUSULIN youtube_icon

What is the "Truth"? By Mudit GUPTA youtube_icon

InsurTech: Integrating with Insurers' Operations By Mehul DAVE, HO Bin Kun, Ed PLOWMAN youtube_icon

Agile Way of Managing Business and Risks By Sonam BHATIA youtube_icon

Strategic Use of Reinsurance for P&C Insurers By Valerie GILLES-COEUR youtube_icon

Parametric Insurance By Christine SUN, Raghav OHRI, TEH Shi An, Shyam BHAYANI youtube_icon

Cyber Catastrophes Explained: Towards a Definition for the Insurance Industry By Avi BASHAN, Marco LO GIUDICE youtube_icon


Day Four : 26 November 2020 -


AI Ethics Principles – Putting Principles into Practice By Chris DOLMAN youtube_icon

Data Sharing Without Sharing Data By Basem MORRIS  < Slides not available

Using Data Analytics to Monitor the Environment and Unlock Industry Insights By Kuppli ABHISHEK, Levy JOSHUA, Petroula STAMOULI  < Slides not available

Big Data in Motor Insurance - UBI and API By XIA Jack youtube_icon

LTA Data Visualisation By Kate CHEN youtube_icon

COVID-19 Data Monitoring and Analytics By XIA Jack youtube_icon

Day Five : 27 November 2020 -


Actuaries and Climate Risk By Paul WEE youtube_icon

Risks Associated with Autonomous Vehicles By Abdallah ZABIAN youtube_icon

Government Support for SMEs in Response to COVID-19: Theoretical Model Using Wang Transform By GOH Jing Rong youtube_icon

Climate Change Index By Davy DAO youtube_icon

Epidemic Risk Insurance: Challenges, Products and Market Development By Gunther KRAUT youtube_icon

Sustainability Risk Management By Bruno VIAL youtube_icon

Pro-Cyclicality Beyond Business Cycles: The Case of Risk Measures By Marie KRATZ youtube_icon

Silence is not Golden: Cyber Creates a New Normal for Risk Insurers By Matt HARRISON youtube_icon

Silent Cyber By Jamie POCOCK youtube_icon

Conquering Cyber Risk By Bethany VOHLERS youtube_icon


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