ECC Volunteers

The Education and Careers Committee in SAS seeks to provide opportunities for our student members and professionals to continuously develop. We are open to volunteers from both working professionals and students. Also, feel free to drop us any ideas you would like to see that will be beneficial to the actuarial committee! Here are some of the main events currently held:


For Professionals

Supporting the development of actuaries within the industries through:

  • Afternoon Forums – to give talks on the most relevant and recent happenings around the industry to actuaries
  • Soft-skills workshops – To provide workshops which can help to hone soft-skills, such as communication skills.


For Students

Increasing awareness of actuarial science to students and bridging the gaps between students and professionals through:

  • Actuarial Career Fair – a career fair held annually to help students to get their first job/internship
  • Excel @ Work – an excel workshop for students that teaches on the best practices in Excel and how actuaries use this at work
  • Mentoring programme for students
  • Supporting initiatives by actuarial undergraduates in Singapore, such as Actuarial Networking Night, Actuarial Case Competition, giving industry talks to students


Who We Are

The ECC is chaired by Glenn Tan and deputy chaired by Livia Rachmad. It is powered by the thankless efforts of our members consisting of:

  • Afternoon Forum chaired by Valérie Gilles-Coeur, and supported by Jessica Ang (formerly chaired by Yun Ying Toh)
  • Career Fair chaired by Evi Tedjasukmana and supported by Amos Pee, Beh Ee Keat, Carmen See, Choong Li Ze, Darren Teo, Guo Bohui, Li Na, and Nguyen Tung Lam
  • Excel@Work chaired by Danny Li and supported by Glenn Tan, Guo Bohui, Jessica Ang, Livia Rachmad and Li Na
  • Other members who work across the initiatives are Andre Tay, Antonie Jagga, Bi Haiqing, Erjie Zhou, Jing Rong Goh, Lau Jung Xiang, Leow Chin Han, Yun Ying Toh and Ziling Wong.

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