The purpose of the ERM Committee is to provide thought leadership to professionals and practitioners working in Enterprise Risk Management, including discussion of risk topics and challenges across a broad spectrum of industries, as well as to support the development of professionalism and best practices among ERM practitioners. The Committee role is also to provide education, research, networking opportunities and other services in the area of ERM to the members of the SAS.


What We Do

The Committee's objectives and responsibilities


  • Organize the SAS ERM Conference annually
  • Organize a conference on Sustainability for the first time (end of August 2022)
  • To identify and discuss ERM issues, trends and developments in the region
  • To liaise and be familiar with international risk frameworks which include organizations that develop corporate governance, risk management systems and ERM best practices around the world
  • To partner with MAS and insurance associations to provide qualitative and quantitative assessment on ERM implementation “best practice”
  • To promote ERM in the actuarial community and the insurance industry in Singapore/the region

Who We Are

Committee members

  • Andreas K. R. ZELL, Chair
  • Riada DJEBBAR, Deputy Chair
  • Paul WEE
  • Christine SUN Ying
  • Davy DAO
  • Jennifer YONG Fui Shiah
  • Joey ZHOU
  • Max LIM
  • Giv KAHROM
  • Alicia BRITTAIN


What We Are Working On

Workgroups convened in 2020/21

  • The Climate Risk Working Group provides discussion on consultation paper by MAS on the Environment Risk Management to raise awareness on climate change and analyzes how to provide a Climate Risk Index for Singapore/ SEA
  • The Cyber Risk Workgroup reviews the different source of risk transfer for insurance industry and involved in IFoA Cyber risk Investigation Group
  • The Artificial Intelligence (AI) Workstreams aims to provide guidelines on AI models in insurance, on the ethical issues based on the Model Artificial Intelligence Governance Framework
  • The Autonomous Vehicles workstream aims to provide guidance on the risk management matters for actuaries considered as a potential emerging risk



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