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Wallich Ballroom Level 5, Sofitel Singapore City Centre, 9 Wallich Street, Singapore 078885

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This is the SAS's 10th General Insurance Conference as in many years.  The industry has moved a long way in that time, both locally and in the region.  But where will it be in 10 years' time?  With an interesting range of speakers proposed, this event should provide an informed perspective of the opportunities and challenges for the next decade.


This conference is open to all general insurance professionals.  There is a good mix of technical and non-technical papers so anyone with an interest in General Insurance issues in the region will benefit from attending.


REGISTRATION FEES (by internet banking/local cheque)

SGD 700.00   SAS Fellows & Associates
SGD 625.00   SAS Ordinary & Affiliates

SGD 750.00  Non-SAS members

PAYPAL REGISTRATION FEES (includes 4.25% paypal charges)

SGD 729.75   SAS Fellows & Associates
SGD 651.57   SAS Ordinary & Affiliates

SGD 781.88   Non-SAS members



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Matthew Maguire

General Insurance Conference Organising Committee

GI Conference 2018

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