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Amara Hotel, 165 Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore 088539

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About the Practising Certificate Seminar (PCS)

Structured to be highly interactive, the PCS focuses on current topics on professionalism, as well as facilitated discussions on issues faced by actuaries in Singapore. There will be pre-work and group assignments required for registrants.   

This session is aimed at 

  • Appointed Actuaries and Certifying Actuaries 
  • Fellows who anticipate moving into signing roles in the near future 
  • Other Fellows and Associates who may be considering stepping into signing roles 
  • Other Fellows and Associates who would like to obtain additional CPD hours 
  • List of Practising Certificate Holders whose certificates are expiring in November 2022

Important Notices

  • Each Practising Certificate is valid for 3 years. 
  • We encourage Fellows and Associates to obtain the Practising Certificate in advance of applying to the MAS for signing roles.
  • Attendees will be expected to attend the entire session in order to receive the Practising Certificate.
  • Registrations close on 4th Nov, Friday.


  • Members: $375.00
  • Non-Members: $425.00

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  • I consent to my registration for and attendance of this Seminar being made known to other parties, with information on the name of my employer or firm (if any) and on my country of residence.
  • I consent to receiving information and publicity related to this Seminar from the SAS or any other organisation with which the SAS engages in the organisation and conduct of this Seminar.
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