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The Karting Arena @Jurong, 511 Upper Jurong Road, Block B, Singapore 638366

Maximum Qualifying Hours


Welcome back to our Grand Prix - Karting Event !

The Social Committee of Singapore Actuarial Society would like to invite you to be part of this exclusive Karting event which will be hosted at the Karting Arena.

2023 SAS Grand Prix


Date: Thursday 24th August 2023

Time: 7pm to 9pm (Registration starts at 6.30pm) 

Venue: The Karting Arena @Jurong , 511 Upper Jurong Road, Block B, Singapore 638366



• Member with registration: FREE!!!

• Non-Member registration: SGD100


Refreshments/Food and drinks/Nibbles will be provided for free.

Come and enjoy a fun and interesting social night out once again with your colleagues and friends.


The race format will be split into 2 sessions:

1st session (Practice & Qualifying)             : Everyone gets to kart

2nd session (Final round)                           : Everyone gets to kart. Starting position will be based on scoring of the fastest lap from the 1st session.

                                                                      (We will have top 3 position for male drivers and top 3 position for female drivers)


1st session takes approximately 10-15 minutes to complete.

2nd session takes approximately 15-20 minutes to complete.

Additional time will be incurred if there are accidents or unforeseen circumstances on the track. Maximum 15 karts per session.



  • There are a maximum capacity of 40 pax for this event due to the limitations of the number of karts to be allowed on the track within the duration of the event.
  • Each driver must provide a valid driver’s license on the spot as governed by Singapore law (see BCA’s NO: S343/2011 AMUSEMENT RIDES SAFETY ACT 2011 (ACT 6 OF 2011)). Driver’s license overseas are also acceptable.
  • All cancellations by participants must be emailed to An acknowledgement will be emailed to you.
    • $ 50: Penalty charge for cancellation via email on 23rd August 2023 and thereafter.
    • $ 100: No show charge if you did not inform us on and before the 24th August 2023.
    • $ 100: Non-member‘s registration fees.



1. Bring a valid driver’s license

2. Covered shoes only. No sandals, crocs etc.

3. Ladies: No skirts, dresses or very loose clothing

4. Driver’s Indemnity Form to be completed and uploaded during online registration. Participants will not be allowed into the event if this form is not completed.




For safety reasons, karts are not allowed on the track until the track is dry or safe enough to be used.

  • BEFORE the event, on the day itself: We will inform you in advance, in which case we will arrange for it to be rescheduled on a new date with no extra charges. (Karts are not allowed on the track until the track is dry or safe enough to be used).


Register now as there are limited seats available!

Registration deadline (subject to availability): 20th August 2023, 5PM.


Enrollment is strictly on a first-come-first-served basis and priority will be given to SAS members.

Please act early and register now if you, your colleagues, friends and partners would like to attend. If you would like to seek for further information and/or clarification, please email

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