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Disclaimer: SAS is bringing this event to our members in view that the topics may be interesting to our members. However, SAS in no way endorses/represents the following event.

Nanyang Technological University (NTU) is hosting an actuarial talk on data science on 11 May 2022, Wednesday (7-8 pm) and would like to extend the invitation to SAS members.

The speaker is Prof Leena Sodha from the University of Leicester. She is visiting the NTU, and will share her experience in “The Actuarial Profession: What and How? And Where Does Data Science Fit In?”. In addition to her academic career, Prof Sodha is an actuary and worked in KPMG London and PWC London for 17 years collectively.

You may join the presentation physically on NTU’s campus or virtually over Zoom.

It is complimentary to SAS members.

Register here.

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