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OCBC Centre, 33rd level (access via West Lobby), 65 Chulia Street, Singapore 049513

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We are pleased to announce that a Forum will be jointly held by the SAS and the Institute of Actuaries of Australia (the Actuaries Institute) on the above subject as follows:


Date                Thursday 12 September 2019


Programme:   3.30pm            Registration

                          4.00pm            Talk and Q&A

                          5.30pm            Refreshments

                          6.15pm            End


Venue             Peach Garden 65 Chulia St #33-01 Singapore 049513  


The talk will discuss how key biases make things hard for investors and explore the functions of the market which get little attention, and will propose a workable and simple framework for generating investment ideas.


The speaker is Mr DOUGLAS ISLES, who is an investment specialist with Platinum, serving as a bridge between Platinum’s investment team and the financial advisory community.


More details of the talk and the speaker can be found in this link to the Actuaries Institute website:



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