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As you probably know the German Actuarial Association, in conjunction with the International Actuarial Association, is pleased to host the 31st International Congress of Actuaries 2018 in Germany. The congress will be held from 4-8 June 2018 in Berlin, the vibrant capital of Germany. Around 2,000 actuaries, academics and high-ranking representatives from the international insurance and financial industry as well as related institutions are expected to join the conference.


You can follow the ICA 2018 on social media by joining their Linkedin group "International Congress of Actuaries 2018", like their site "ICA 2018 - 31st International Congress of Actuaries" on Facebook or follow them on Twitter (@ica2018).


Last but not least they would like to draw your attention to their two social media campaigns - “I am 100,000” and “Actuaries For Actuaries”. ”I am 100,000” is a prize draw regarding the great number of 100,000 actuaries in 2018. And with their charity campaign “Actuaries For Actuaries” they aim to finance additional scholarships for actuaries from emerging countries. If you are interested, they would be happy to provide further information on how to get involved in these campaigns.


For more information about this special event in Berlin 2018, please contact:

Marion Krämer

Project Assistant

International Congress of Actuaries (ICA) 2018




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