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Drama Centre Function Room 2 (National Library)

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“FR”? “TRR”? “C1 C2”? “MA”? “IP”? Are you familiar with these terms?

Deep dive into Singapore’s risk-based capital (RBC) framework with Raymond Cheung, Managing Director of Alpha Consulting, and the Chairperson of the SAS RBC2 taskforce with MAS. Raymond would bring you through an intense 7-hour course where you will get to understand the history of RBC, the ABCs of the framework, areas with most debates and even tactical and strategic solutions.

This course would be suitable for:

  • actuaries fresh in the industry,
  • actuaries new to Singapore’s regulation,
  • students,
  • or anyone who wants to get a better and practical understanding of the RBC2 framework.

A certificate will be presented upon completion of the course.

Broad Outline of Course

  1. Background of RBC Framework
  2. Review of Singapore RBC Regulations
  3. Rationale and Development of RBC2 Framework
  4. Applications of RBC2 Framework
  5. RBC2 Implementation (Tactical/Strategic/Holistic Solutions)

Course Details

  • Date: 11 November 2022, Friday
  • Time: 9am – 5pm
  • Venue: Drama Centre Function Room 2 (National Library)
  • Food: Refreshments will be provided (Lunch not included)
  • Cost: $250 (SAS Members); $300 (Non-SAS Members)
  • Certificate will be awarded upon completion

Slots are limited, and sign-ups are based on a first-come first-served basis.

Registrations close on 4th Nov, Friday.


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