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Room 701, NTUC Centre, One Marina Boulevard, Singapore 018989

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Dear SAS members,


The Data Analytics Committee is pleased to host an afternoon forum on predictive modelling.  This afternoon forum is held in collaboration with the Actuarial Networking Night, a platform for professionals and students to network and share insights.

We are pleased to welcome Jianshu WENG for this afternoon forum.


“Most of us have probably seen and/or experienced the benefit of predictive modelling in one way of another. But we still do not a wider acceptance in the insurance industry yet. One of the main reasons is the trust issue. How can we explain the model so that we can "trust" the model more instead of just treating it as a "black box"? In this talk, we will look at the issue of predictive model explain-ability and some technical attempts to achieve it.” 


Jianshu is currently with Swiss Re's Digital and Smart Analytics (DSA) APAC team, and serves as the Head of DSA APAC North. DSA team applies data analytics to unlock deeper insights so that the power of data can be better harnessed, not just for Swiss Re but for our clients. Before joining Swiss Re, Jianshu has many years' machine learning related research and consulting experience in both academia and industry, including HP Labs Singapore and Accenture. Jianshu received his Ph.D degree from the School of Computer Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore in 2008.


Date:      Monday, 15 October 2018
Time:      5:45 pm to 7.00 pm
Venue:    Room 701, NTUC Centre, One Marina Boulevard, Singapore 018989


5:45 pm:   Registration for SAS Afternoon Talk : A peek into the "black-box"

6:00 pm:   Commencement of talk

7:00 pm:   End of SAS Afternoon Talk | Registration for Actuarial Networking Night 2018

7:15 pm:   Refreshments | Commencement of Actuarial Networking Night


Cost:  Free for paid up Members (please login with your Username before signing-up), and full-time students showing student identification.


Non-Members:  S$40.  Payment via cheque / internet banking / cash deposit at any DBS branches is preferred.


Paypal is also available on our online registration form.  During Paypal payment, please wait until the transaction is complete and you are transferred back to the SAS website before closing your browser.


Please pre-register as the seats are limited.  Priority will be given to paid up members who have pre-registered and then to others who have pre-registered and finally, if any seats remain, to those who do not pre-register based on their order of arrival.


If you would like to attend, please register by signing up through this link Online Registration 


Deadline for registration: 8th October 2018


Thank you


Frederic Boulliung
Forum Coordinator
Singapore Actuarial Society