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We are now accepting papers to be presented at the conference. Here is a steer from us to potential presenters.
Our community has wide-ranging interests. Our members have been busy with RBC2 reporting and performing Stress Test. The adoption of IFRS17 is imminent. 
Do you have any unique insights on these subjects – share them with the broader community. 
Cyber hacking is on the rise, cryptocurrencies are in fashion, tackling climate change is back on the discussion table, mRNA technology may have just saved the planet, and the use of algorithms is becoming more mainstream in insurance. Bring forth your view of how these and other global trends will affect the actuarial world. 
And of course, no event in current times is complete without considering the impact of COVID-19. Do you know how companies adapted their selling practices in response to COVID? Do you know which segments incurred significant losses or, perhaps, benefitted as the pandemic engulfed the world? The business titans of the world are hotly debating the future of work – what is your view? And do you have frameworks for making decisions in such an uncertain environment that could be helpful for our community?
Please submit your papers using the following link