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Disclaimer: SAS is bringing this event to our members in view that the topics may be interesting to our members. However, SAS in no way endorses/represents the following event.

We are pleased to share with you the Swiss Re Actuarial Seminar, in which the topics shared may be of interest to you and would also provide you the opportunity to earn some CPD hours. You may find the details below.

Swiss Re is hosting a virtual Swiss Re Actuarial Seminar on 14 September 2021. During the event, they will talk about the challenges of persistent low interest rates and volatility, look at disability income insurance in Australia and how to ensure its sustainability, discuss CI trends in Greater China and find out if we are really ready for the artificial intelligence underwriting era.


Please click on the link below to register for the event. The link below will bring you to an external website that is not hosted by the SAS.