The General Insurance Committee is a group of volunteer members from a broad cross-section of the general insurance actuarial community in Singapore. Their role is to actively support development of the GI actuarial practice in Singapore.


What We Do

The Committee's objectives and responsibilities

  • Organize the SAS General Insurance Conference annually (see upcoming events).
  • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Issue professional standards and practice guidelines to General Insurance actuaries in complying with regulators and insurance associations.
  • Liaise with regulatory bodies on public policy in relation to technical issues, as well as broader commercial interests.
  • Promote discussion on general insurance issues, trends and developments in the region.
  • Initiate and support working parties relevant to the general insurance practice.


Who We Are

Committee members for 2021/22

  • Mehul DAVE, Chair
  • Sharad BAJLA, Deputy Chair
  • TAN Zhi Hwee Velda, Chair of Conference
  • ​​​​​​​CHENG Wei Ng
  • Bernice ZHANG
  • Derek WONG
  • Felicia ER
  • Jessica SO
  • Matthew MAGUIRE
  • Raymond CHEUNG
  • Wee Jian ER
  • Bing Kun HO
  • Rishabh GUPTA
  • Vasundhara RAMALINGHAM
  • Darren MA
  • Ee Ling KWEK
  • Anthony ATKINS
  • Philip LUI
  • David MANEVAL
  • Jenson YIP

What We Are Working On

Workgroups convened in 2020/21


  • IFRS17 (Chair - Mehul Dave)

Click here for submissions made by the workgroup.



The committee is looking to facilitate additional working parties. If you have ideas for a general insurance workgroup or are interested to join any workgroups, please write to: