Placing a job advertisement with SAS would include direct email publicity to all SAS members and a listing on our Jobs page


To place a job advertisement with SAS, this is what you will need to do:

Provide details of the position(s) you wish to advertise for:

  • Company Name: 
  • Location of Position:
  • Job Title:
  • Years of Experience:
  • Practice Area:  Life / General
  • Position Type: Full-time / Contract / Part-time
  • Job Description
  • Link to application website
  • Softcopy of the company logo
  • Target publication date for the position

Email this information to



  • 1 job post with 1 position: S$1,999
  • Additional positions within the same job post:  S$499 per position
  • Advertisements for Fresh Graduate and Internship positions are complimentary

Processing Time

5 business day after receipt of full information


Terms and Conditions

SAS reserves the right to reject any advertisement if:

  • SAS decides that the advertisement contains false, misleading or exaggerated statements or
  • The advertiser is unable to provide the additional supporting information relating to the position/company

SAS reserves the final right to reject and/or remove the advertisement based on any grounds it sees fit.

The job post will be published on the SAS website for a period of 2 months.