Life and Retirement Conference 2019

From:15 Aug 2019 - 08:45
To:15 Aug 2019 - 08:45
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Dear members


The Singapore Actuarial Society (SAS) is organising its first Life & Retirement Conference (LRC) on 15 August 2019.  This is a one-day conference with the theme “The Future is Today”.


In the recent G20 meeting held in Japan, the world’s top policymakers, finance ministers and central bank chiefs identified ageing as one of the key global risks.  Increasing healthcare costs, labour shortages and lack of retirement funding for the elderly: for the first time, the world's top policymakers are tackling economic issues relating to ageing and shrinking birth-rates.  We in Singapore are not spared from these issues.  We are also faced with a rapidly ageing population and our government is seeking to address these issues before it is too late.


The call for papers for this conference is now open.  As you can see, the conference has a fairly broad theme and we invite you to come and share with us how the insurance sector could play its part in tackling issues such as insurance coverage, retirement saving, long-term care protection arising from this silver tsunami.  Examples from your own experience or other industries are most welcome.  Whilst this is primarily an actuarial conference, feel free to extend this invitation to other relevant professionals with whom you work who may be interested in speaking.


Who will be attending this Conference?

Past SAS conferences have regularly attracted more than 100 attendees from the insurance industry, medical professionals, technology businesses and government representatives both locally and from across the region.


Who will be speaking at this Conference?

We hope to attract professionals from all related fields to share their knowledge and experience in technology, economics, insurance, investment, healthcare, retirement, government so that holistic solutions to the problems of access to individual protection coverage and of funding for retirement can be identified. Actuaries and insurance professionals are likely to form a good proportion of the speakers, bringing to the audience the latest developments in financial tools, public-private and employer-insurer arrangements, public policies and programmes, addressing issues relating to our theme.


What will the Conference format be?


Presentation sessions

This conference is likely to include 8 or more sessions of one hour each, for presentations by selected speakers. Each speaker will be asked to make a presentation of 40-45 minutes, and allow 15-20 minutes for questions and answers. The presentation will be in PowerPoint format. You may embed videos in your presentation, but we suggest that the video should be short, given the time constraints.


If I wish to speak, what do I have to do?

Please submit an expression of interest to, giving us some information about yourself, and about the topic which you wish to present on, by 28 June 2019.  Details to be submitted are in Appendix : Submission of Expression of Interest. Thereafter, once we have shortlisted the presentations for this conference, we will let you know whether or not your paper has been accepted by 15 July 2019.


If your presentation is selected, you will have to submit the final presentation in PowerPoint format (on the PowerPoint template which we will provide you) at least 14 days before the conference commences, i.e. by 1 August 2019.


Will I be paid for speaking?

The SAS does not normally pay honoraria to speakers at its conferences or reimburse speakers’ travel and accommodation expenses. However, if you have been selected to speak, the SAS will waive your registration fee. If you propose two speakers for your session, the SAS will waive the fee for one speaker and 50% of the fee for the other speaker.


Will my presentation be published?

When you submit your presentation, we assume that you will have granted the SAS permission to publish your presentation on the SAS website, which is accessible to all members of the public. The SAS will further assume that you will have resolved any copyright issues with respect to the information and data you use in your presentation


Who can I contact if I need more information or clarification?

If you need any more information or clarification, please feel free to send an email to We look forward to receiving your Expression of Interest (by 28 June 2019).



Thank you


Marcus Kok

Chair, Life & Retirement Conference 2019



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