Personal Data Privacy Policy

This policy outlines how the Singapore Actuarial Society collects, uses, processes and/or discloses Personal Data.

Expenditure And Authorisation Limits

This policy outlines the process surrounding payments, reclaiming reimbursements and for entering binding contracts, as part of the internal control process of the Singapore Actuarial Society.

Expense Claim Form

Expense claims can be made through this form. Please refer to the Expenditure and Authorisation Limits Policy to understand the requirements around expense reimbursements.

Income Policy

This document guides the Council on appropriate sources of income and what actuarial work can be performed.

Personal Data Privacy Policy

This policy is formulated to establish the practices relating to instances (suspected or genuine) pertaining to fraudulent and money laundering acts involving employees, members, volunteers, vendors and other parties in relation to the Singapore Actuarial Society.


Process for Payments to Non-Singapore Residents

This document highlights the process for payments to non-Singapore tax resident entities (Corporates or Individuals).

Tax Relief Policy

General guide around tax reliefs in Singapore pertaining to subscriptions paid by an employer for an employee.